Places to Go in Perth Amboy

Thomas Anastasio Perth Amboy

 Thomas Anastasio’s Guide for Places to Go in Perth Amboy

A few months ago I made a post about the best restaurants in Perth Amboy so this time I would like to focus on some non food related locations in my wonderful hometown. Many people wouldn’t consider Perth Amboy to be a tourist destination but that is simply because people don’t know about the many fun and exciting places we have here. I’d even consider Perth Amboy to be somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to great New Jersey towns.

Perth Amboy Waterfront
You don’t need to go far to get the beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore. Taking a day to spend on the waterfront is one of my favorite ways to relax with my friends and family and you don’t need to break the bank to have a wonderful day.

Perth Amboy Community Gardens
This recommendation can go hand in hand with the last as many of the Perth Amboy community gardens are right on the waterfront. One of the most well loved public gardens is the Hummingbird Garden located on High St. and the Sadowsky Parkway. Break up your time between the serene garden atmosphere and the waterfront.

Proprietary House
149 Keamy Avenue, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Built between 1762 and 1764, this location was the home of William Franklin, the last royal governor of NJ. This place is interesting for the fact that it is the last surviving governor’s residence from the original 13 colonies. I love visiting places that were here before the US was officially the US.

Riverside Sports Bar
330 Smith Street, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat. I said I was going to avoid food joints and this place does serve food (it’s good too!), but really this place is just one of the best places around to sit back with your friends and have a drink while watching a game. Some nights they even have live music and the bands are always great. Also, for any big sporting event this is the place to go.

Aside from the great local places, New York City is always a quick train or car ride away. There are endless things to do in NYC so being in Perth Amboy is great when it comes to access to the city.